The Value We can Get from Gutter Maintenance for Tree Health

Understand the Value We can Get from Gutter Maintenance for Tree Health - Read more. . .

The Value We can Get from Gutter Maintenance for Tree Health

Taking the time to clean out your gutters is an easy weekend project.

Cleaning your gutters, especially with the help of an expert professional gutter cleaning service like Gutter Cleaning Knoxville will help keep them working properly and drain water away from the foundation of your home. It also will protect the exterior of your house from water damage that can lead to expensive repair work.

Tree Debris Clogs Gutter System

Leaves, twigs, and other tree debris can easily clog your gutters, causing them to overflow with rainwater. This can lead to leaks and damage to your home’s siding, windows, roof, shingles, and foundation.

In addition, if your gutters are clogged with leaves, they can be an attractive wintering spot for insects and rodents. These pests can spread disease and create a mold that may contaminate your food and drywall.

A clogged gutter can also sag and collapse from weight or from the constant freeze-thaw cycle that causes a gutter to pull away from your home’s fascia board.

If your gutters are damaged, it’s important to contact a gutter service right away. The right gutter company will be able to identify the cause of your damage and recommend solutions that will save you money in the long run.

Using a Leaf Scoop to Remove Debris from Your Gutters

A hand scoop can be very helpful in removing leaves, sticks, and other debris from your gutters. Before you start, make sure to wear long-sleeved shirts and thick, waterproof gloves to avoid getting injured.

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