What to do when a large branch breaks off a tree?

Large Branches that fall from a tree can cause trouble. - Read more. . .

What to do when a large branch breaks off a tree?

Remove broken branches that are still attached to the tree. If done correctly, it will minimize the risk of decay agents entering the wound. Large branches that are broken should be cut to the trunk or a main branch by an arborist. The first step you should take is to evaluate broken branches.

Are the main limbs broken? How big are the wounds where the branch fell? Is the tree damaged? Do you need help cleaning branches and repairing damage? Would you have to cancel the tree? If it is obvious that the tree cannot be saved probably because the damage is excessive or because the tree is almost dead, then it's time to say goodbye to the tree. If this is the case, don't try to cut the tree yourself. Prune small, broken branches to prevent further damage. Pests see an opening in the tree as an invitation to settle, which can be especially harmful, since the tree needs more strength to heal.

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Once pruning is complete, all wounds larger than 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter can be covered with a wound dressing or pruning paint. Recent research has shown that dressings and paints probably don't increase the speed of healing. However, they can prevent them from drying out and provide some cosmetic effect. There are several commercial materials available or a couple of layers of orange shellac are sufficient.

Areas of torn crust where traces have been made can also be treated this way. A broken branch of a trunk usually does not pose a danger to the life of the tree. Cut the rest of the branch until you get a good-sized side branch. If the branch broke closer to the trunk, prune the rest of the broken branch to the neck of the branch.

The neck of the branch is the slightly enlarged area where the branch joins the trunk; that area is also called the branch junction. If the branch broke at the junction of the branch, hold it while cutting it so that it does not cause further damage to the trunk. After caring for the broken branch, remove all other dead or damaged branches. Whether a mature tree survives the loss of a branch depends on the size of the branch compared to the size of the tree trunk.

In addition, tree specialists have the best tips and solutions for caring for your tree and treating broken branches.

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